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What is Solid?

Solid is led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is a non-commercial, open source collaboration between thousands of contributors from across the world.

Solid separates user identification from data storage from data usage:

  1. Login: Solid identification online is designed so that it is independent from parties that could access who users are interacting with

    1. Pods: Solid data storage is designed so that data is stored safely by the user independently of how that data is used in a recyclable reusable manor

    2. Apps: Solid applications have granular access to user data meaning they only get a specific type of data necessary to deliver the service provided

Read Solid’s mission, vision, and values


Anyone can implement the Solid specification.

Find out who is working on Solid implementations and let others know about how you are implementing Solid on the App, Pod, and Identity Provider listings.

You can also use or contribute to the Solid documentation explaining how to implement the Solid specification.

If you are looking for funding to be able to build on Solid read this list of funding opportunities.


Solid is an open source project which anyone can contribute. Read more about how collective decisions about Solid are made.

The Solid Specification describes a rest api that extends those existing standards, contains design notes on the individual components used, and is intended as a guide for developers who plan to build Pods or Solid applications. The Solid specification is modular and extensible and relies as much as possible on existing W3C standards and protocols.


There are multiple Solid prototypes that you can use and explore already.

To get started you will first need to get a Pod and then you can use Solid applications.

You can also get an identity provider that is independent from your Pod and self host your Pod rather than opt for a Pod provider.


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Solid Events

Solid Events provide an opportunity for anyone to meet and talk about Solid in person. Find out more about organising a Solid Event.

Find out about upcoming Solid Events or let others know about a Solid Event that you are organising here.


Get an overview of the Solid license.

Solid Logo and Terms

You can read a complete set of standardised definitions in the Solid dictionary and the Solid Logo usage guidelines.